Public Consultation Survey - Local Flood Risk Management

Closed 16 Jan 2023

Opened 19 Dec 2022


What is the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy?

This Local Flood Risk Management Strategy is a high-level strategic document outlining Sutton’s approach to Flood Risk throughout the next 6 years.

Sutton as Lead Local Flood Authority are required by the Flood and Water Management Act (2010) to develop, maintain, apply and monitor a Local Strategy for flood risk management.

The strategy explains how flood risk will be mitigated across the whole of Sutton, including a summary of the past and present flood risk. It also acknowledges the impacts of climate change and proposes measures to ensure that Sutton can be more resilient and sustainable in its flood risk management practices in the future.

Link to the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Climate change means flooding could affect everyone

Climate change affects all of us, with flooding predicted to become more frequent and intense due to climate change, as we experienced in the extreme rainfall events during July and August last year.

This means that even if you are not currently at flood risk, then you may be in years to come. Also, if you are currently at risk of flooding, then your risk could become more severe and so this is important to consider when planning for the future.

About Flooding
There are various types of flooding that locations across Sutton are at risk from. These include flooding from fluvial sources, ordinary watercourses, groundwater, surface water, and sewers. This Infographic provides further detail on each of these types of flooding.

Your feedback into the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy
is important

We want to make our Local Flood Risk Management Strategy as effective and inclusive as possible.

For this reason, we are inviting you to feedback into our strategy. You can provide through responding to our public consultation in the link at the bottom of this page.

We are opening this public consultation up to everyone in our local community to participate, including primary stakeholders, local community groups and individuals. This will ensure that the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy has considered a broad range of interests within the local community.

The public consultation is open for a period of four weeks, from the 19 December 2022 to the 16 January 2023. Members of the public can provide feedback on their direct local area concerns through reporting flooding to the council at this link, or by contacting

Important Documents/Links


Sutton Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Sutton Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Action Plan - Appendix 1

Flood Risk Map - DNR - Appendix 2

SEA Screening Report Sutton - Appendix 3

HRA Screening Report - Appendix 4

Figure A2-1 Detailed River Network

Figure A2-2 Risk of fluvial flooding

Figure A2-3 Risk of surface water flooding 

Figure A2-4 Groundwater flood risk

Figure A2-5 TWUL sewer flooding incidents

Figure A2-6 Reservoir flood risk

Figure A2-7 Historic flood incidents

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) Level 1 (2015)

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (2011)

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment 2017 Addendum


Surface Water Management Plan (2011)

Local Plan 2016-2031 (2018)

Thames River Basin Flood Risk Management Plan


There are references to various sections of the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy provided throughout this survey for further information. For your reference, please note that the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy can be accessed in one of the above links.


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