Safer, Active, Greener Streets - St Nicholas Way & Throwley Way

Closes 24 Mar 2021

Opened 25 Sep 2020


The London Borough of Sutton wants to make your streets safer, more active and greener.

Speeding traffic and dangerous conditions for pedestrians and cyclists along St Nicholas Way and Throwley Way have been key concerns for residents around Sutton town centre for years. The high levels of traffic on the one-way system and vehicle speeds can make these roads feel unwelcoming and dangerous. 

As the lockdown started to end, the Council brought in experimental measures in St Nicholas Way and Throwley Way to:

  • Provide more space to socially distance and to walk and cycle safely.
  • Reduce vehicle speeds.

These measures were also designed to help support the Council’s ambitious aims to tackle air pollution and encourage people to be more active by walking and cycling more.

We have listened to your feedback

The number of pedestrians using the new space has been fewer than predicted and we recognise that there are some small changes we can introduce to improve the scheme and better define who the space is intended for. We are now making the following changes: 

  • Current social distancing signs to be removed.
  • Cones will be replaced with reflective posts to create a segregated cycle lane with clear signage.

When will this come into effect?

These proposals will be introduced on an experimental basis. Improvements will begin on Friday 25 September, so please bear with us while changes are made.

Why We Are Consulting

We would like you to take part in this consultation to give your views on how the new scheme is working and whether changes are needed. Your feedback will help the Council decide whether the schemes on St Nicholas Way and Throwley Way should be kept as they are now, modified or removed.

For more information on how Sutton processes your personal information, please visit our Privacy Notice (opens in a new window).  Any comments you make may be made public on the Council's website, however, we will remove all personally identifiable information.

Where can I find out more?

For more information about this and other improvements we are trialling to make our borough’s streets safer, more active and greener, go to

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