Safer, Active, Greener Streets - Central Road

Closes 6 Mar 2021

Opened 11 Sep 2020


Traffic jams, air pollution and dangerous conditions for pedestrians and cyclists along Central Road have been key concerns for residents in the Worcester Park area for years. The high levels of traffic - averaging 23,000 cars per day for the last three years - and the railway bridge can make Central Road unwelcoming and dangerous.

During the lockdown, people across Sutton have really appreciated the better air quality and safer environment with fewer cars on the road.  
On 29 May council officers introduced changes in Central Road and under the railway bridge at Worcester Park station to introduce dedicated and expanded spaces to cycle and walk using traffic cones and make the area safer to walk and cycle through. 

Based on our monitoring of the scheme and resident feedback, the scheme was amended on 4 September to:

  • Heading towards New Malden - remove the footway extension, retaining a protected cycle lane but allowing a second lane for motor traffic,
  • Heading towards Sutton - remove the temporary cycle lane, restoring two lanes for motor traffic, but retaining around 20 metres of protected and segregated space for cyclists on the approach to the traffic lights

Why have we made these changes?

As children go back to school and people return to work, we are starting to see car use increase and more demand on local buses.  

We are aware that the changes to the road layout have led to slightly longer bus journey times over the summer. Transport for London is now running extra buses locally for children travelling to school and we recognise this will place further pressure on this stretch of road.  

This will provide more capacity for motor vehicles in response to increasing traffic levels, while still providing a more secure space for cyclists.

Why we are consulting

We would like you to take part in this consultation to give your views on how the new scheme is working and whether changes are needed. Your feedback will help the Council decide whether the Central Road scheme should be kept as it is now, modified or removed.

For more information on how Sutton processes your personal information, please visit our Privacy Notice (opens in a new window).  Any comments you make may be made public on the Council's website, however, we will remove all personally identifiable information.

Where can I find out more?

For more information about this and other improvements we are trialling to make our borough’s streets safer, more active and greener, go to

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