Safer, Active, Greener Streets: North Sutton Area Consultation

Closes 13 Mar 2021

Opened 14 Sep 2020


Many residents in North Sutton are concerned about the speed of traffic driving along roads in the area, which can make it feel dangerous.  They are concerned that some roads have turned into short cuts.  
During the lockdown, people across Sutton have really appreciated the better air quality and safer environment with fewer cars on the road.  There is now an opportunity to make some streets greener and safer places for pedestrians, cyclists and for children.  This includes your street and this page explains how it will be done, what the impact will be and how to give feedback on your experience.
Changes are now being made to improve the quality of life in the Grennell Road and Benhill Wood Road area and the surrounding roads.

The Council must follow the timescales and guidance set out by the Government and TfL in order to receive emergency funding for this scheme. This means we only have a short period of time to make these changes and this consultation will run alongside the changes. If the scheme works well, it will make the area a better place for those who live here and reduce use by those using the road as a short cut.

Households will notice the benefits particularly when walking or cycling, but it is recognised that there may be some inconvenience for some drivers and it is possible that some journeys may take a bit longer at peak times.  Similar schemes across London have shown that everyone, including drivers, will get used to the new layout. This scheme is temporary and will be reviewed after six months. If it doesn’t work, it will be changed.
We are trialling the following changes:

Road closures to motor vehicles in:

  • Grennell Road, north of Edinburgh Road

  • Benhill Wood Road, north of the junction with Oakhill Road

  • Benhill Wood Road, north of the junction with Benhill Avenue

A 20mph speed limit in the North Sutton area.

Click here to view The North Sutton Area Map, which includes the details of this proposed scheme.

Why we are consulting

We know change can take some getting used to and ask that you allow time for the scheme to bed in. This consultation will be open during the six-month trial to give you time to see the impact on the whole neighbourhood before giving your views.

Update from 25 September:

The closure on All Saints Road was designed to create a safer traffic environment for pupils at All Saints Benhilton Primary school.

Following implementation, we have seen a higher than anticipated volume of traffic on a few surrounding residential roads which were not designed for this number of vehicles.

We have listened to your feedback and are now making the following changes: 

The road closure at All Saints Road - west of Calthorpe Gardens - will be removed to address the traffic that has moved to other residential roads. 

The Council will continue to seek alternative ways to improve road safety outside the school.


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