Safer, Active, Greener Streets - Foresters Drive

Closes 12 Apr 2021

Opened 12 Oct 2020


The London Borough of Sutton wants to make your streets safer, more active and greener. Changes are being made to improve the quality of life in Foresters Drive and the surrounding roads.

These changes will help:

  • Improve safety on Foresters Drive and Apeldoorn Drive
  • Make cycling safer and more enjoyable in the area

The Council is proposing to introduce experimental measures in your area in response to some of the recent changes we have seen in how people travel around Sutton. These include:

  • A two-way cycle route running along Foresters Drive between Plough Lane and The Newlands (parking on the street will be prohibited at this location to accommodate the installation).
  • Safety improvements at the junction of Foresters Drive and Apeldoorn Drive.

Why are we making these changes? 

On the 17 July 2019, the Council held a resident drop-in session to understand 
local concerns about highway safety. A number of locations on several roads were identified for improvement. 

Sutton will be introducing around thirty experimental schemes borough-wide. All the schemes are based, as much as possible, on areas where the Council has already carried out a public consultation about traffic improvements previously. Where this was not possible, officers have recommended areas which they feel will benefit. These schemes were all drawn up previously to help the Council meet its long-term goals on climate change, improved air quality and cleaner, safer streets.

When will the changes come into effect? 

The cycleway will go live week commencing 19 October 2020.

Why we are consulting

We would like you to take part in this consultation to give your views on how the new scheme is working and whether changes are needed. Your feedback will help the Council decide whether the Foresters Drive scheme should be kept as it is now, modified or removed.
For more information on how Sutton processes your personal information, please visit our Privacy Notice. Any comments you make may be made public on the Council's website, however, we will remove all personally identifiable information.

Where can I find out more?

For more information about this and other improvements we are trialling to make our borough’s streets safer, more active and greener, go to

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