Neighbourhood Fund 2023 - Members Version

Closes 15 Oct 2023

Neighbourhood Fund 2023 Consultation

Welcome to the Neighbourhood Fund 2023 Consultation.

We will be asking what is important to you, both within the borough as a whole and also your local area. You will be asked to rank certain headings depending on how important they are to you to help inform our decision making.

You will then be introduced to the projects which have been submitted for funding which currently make up our longlist, if you choose to view all categories you will see 24 projects in total. This is your chance to let us know whether you feel the projects sumitted would be a good use of our funding and whether they would help to improve our borough.

The Neighbourhood Fund is a source of funding which is collected directly from developers and ring fenced for local infrastructure improvements, your views will help to inform how we spend this money.

At the end of the consultation you will be able to sign up to our email updates to be kept informed of the final decision and project updates from previous years.


1. Please type your name
2. Please select the Ward you represent
3. Thinking about the borough as a whole, please rank the following categories. Your ranking should be according to how much you would like to see investment and improvement in each category.
4. Now thinking about your local area, please select the categories in which you would most like to see investment and improvement.