Future of Oakleigh Care Centre - Second Phase Consultation

Closed 27 May 2011

Opened 4 Mar 2011


Proposal to Transfer Oakleigh Care Centre to a new Care Provider.


As a result of the severe public sector cuts caused by the recession, Sutton is making plans to save a minimum of 20% of its budget through reviewing all of its services. A review of all directly provided care services is underway, which includes Oakleigh Care Centre. Oakleigh is the Council's only remaining long term residential care service for people with dementia which also provides respite care for up to five people living in the community, and hosts a day care service which is provided by Housing 21:Dementia Voice. A residential care place at Oakleigh costs over £1,000 per week, compared to an average of £588 paid in the independent sector.

In the first phase of consultation, from the 11thOctober 2010 to 17thJanuary 2011, the Council sought views on the proposal to close the Oakleigh Care Centre.  During the consultation meetings, the Council received a number of representations requesting that consideration be given to the option of transferring the centre to another care provider.

Initially the Council did not believe that this would be possible because the centre’s bedroom sizes do not meet the new regulatory requirements as set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). However, in February 2011, the CQC confirmed that it would not reject an application for registration of the centre from another provider, solely on the basis of room sizes. On the 1stMarch 2011, having received this advice, the Council decided to re-open the consultation for a second phase, specifically on the proposal to transfer the centre to a new care provider.




Why your views matter

This is a statutory consultation and we would like to hear your views on the proposal. Individuals or organisations who wish to take part in the consultation should provide us with their written responses by 27thMay 2011.






What happens next

What Happens Next

The Council will hold a series of meetings with people who live in the centre (permanently or for respite) and their relatives and other key stakeholders. This will include discussions with people who use the day centre on the same site and their relatives. Staff working in the centre will also be consulted. A schedule of the meetings is set out in the attached Consultation agenda.

In parallel with the consultation meetings, officers in the Council’s Commissioning team will be undertaking a market testing exercise to determine whether there are any care providers interested in taking over the running of the residential home









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