SHP Recycling Project: Denmark Gardens survey

Closes 6 Oct 2020

Opened 8 Sep 2020


We are planning to make some changes to the way recycling and rubbish is stored on Denmark Gardens, Carshalton. 

The changes will be made in Autumn 2020 and are designed to:

1. Improve the look of the estate

2. Help residents recycle more household waste and throw less away


We are proud that Sutton is one of London’s greenest boroughs and residents now recycle close to 50% of household waste, compared to just 36% in 2017. 

This is great, but if we’re going to protect our planet for future generations, we need to do a lot better and all have a part to play in responding to the climate emergency.

Recycling from flats in particular is a real challenge because the same bins are shared with lots of households; the efforts of people who want to recycle are often spoiled by a minority who put materials in the wrong bin. 

So we’ve been working in partnership with Sutton Council and their collection
contractor, Veolia, to come up with some changes that we think will improve the quality of the recycling collected from your estate.

As we step up to the challenge of recycling more and all play our part in the
climate emergency, there will be a one off cost of £100-£150 to help make
this happen and improve the look of your estate. This cost will be passed onto
leaseholders - if you are not a leaseholder you will not be charged.

Proposed Changes and Maps

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