Our diverse workforce - knowing you better

Closed 9 Nov 2018

Opened 25 Oct 2018


As part of the council’s focus on PRIDE and more specifically Diversity, we would really like to know how you feel about working at Sutton.

You might be a man, woman, transgender person or relate as non-binary. You could be old or young, gay or straight. You could be of any race and may have a religion. Or you might have a disability. We’re all different and therefore we need different things. Are you valued for the difference you bring? Are you able to reach your full potential? What’s it like to work here? Do you feel included and/or valued?

With your permission, Diversity by Design will share this feedback with us verbatim (though not attributed to any individual) at our Corporate Management Team meeting on 21 November.

We want to learn from your thoughts, so please do be as honest as possible. Please complete this short survey by 9 November 2018.

Any queries please contact Caroline Cole at caroline.cole@kingston.gov.uk or Adele Nutt on adele.nutt@kingston.gov.uk

Thank you


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