Sutton’s Modern Library Offer

Closed 22 Dec 2023

Opened 29 Sep 2023


Sutton Council’s network of eight libraries are free to use. They are community spaces where visitors can study, use free wifi, borrow and return books, take part in cultural celebrations, and access council services. 

The Council is committed to keeping our libraries across the borough and we want to make them better for our visitors in these difficult times. One way we can do this is by introducing self access technology, this means that libraries can be open for longer but it does mean that there will be times when libraries are unstaffed.

Over the summer we have been carrying out a trial at Wallington Library that allowed library card holders to access the library outside of normal opening hours when staff were not present. The trial was hugely successful and we received lots of positive feedback. 


The Council would like to extend the opening hours of our libraries by installing self access technology.  

With this proposal, although staff hours will be fewer, the libraries will be open for much longer - overall by 63%, including Sundays. Additional information on proposed opening hours for each library and frequently asked questions are detailed here

Tell us what you think about extending library opening hours using self access technology. 

Why your views matter

By taking part in this consultation you are helping to shape the future of Sutton's Library Service over the coming years. We are interested in any views you have on the proposal.

If you need help to complete this form, please let us know and we will be happy to help.



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