Stanley Park High School Proposed Planning Brief SPD

Closed 10 Mar 2011

Opened 27 Jan 2011


The construction of a new school at Orchard Hill to replace Stanley Park High School is underway, and it is anticipated that the Stanley Park Road Site will be vacated by early 2012.  Therefore, the council is preparing planning guidance for the current Stanley Park school site, to guide its future use and to assist the council in determining any future planning applications submitted on the site.

In developing the Council's Local Development Framework, which when fully adopted will replace the Unitary Development Plan, the school site is identified for housing. However, more recently the need for further accommodation in the Borough to educate children with special educational needs (SEN) has been identified. Most of these children currently have to travel to premises outside the borough.  The guidance therefore looks at two possible options for the site:

  • Option 1 involves the redevelopment of the whole site for housing; and
  • Option 2 retains part of the buildings/site to provide a SEN school with the remainder of the site redeveloped for housing.

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