South London Waste Plan - Additional Sites

Closed 22 Mar 2010

Opened 8 Feb 2010

Feedback updated 8 Jul 2011

We asked

A number of questions about potential sites for waste management.

You said

That you wanted the South London Waste Partnership to consider eight additional sites.

We did

Assess the suitablity of these additional sites using a robust set of criteria. All 8 sites scored poorly compared to the 28 sites considered previously.

Results updated 8 Jul 2011

The boroughs of Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton held a six-week consultation period giving residents an opportunity to comment on the suitability of eight sites for waste management purposes. These eight sites were 'additional sites' that were put forward by residents, land owners and waste operators during a previous stage of consultation which took place between July and October 2009 (Waste Plan Stage 2).

The suitability of these eight additional sites has been assessed using a set of robust criteria that takes into consideration issues such as flood risk, traffic impacts and visual intrusion and gives a score to each site. All eight sites scored relatively poorly, when compared with the 28 sites that were shortlisted in the previous stage of the consultation in 2009. This indicates that, from a planning perspective, there would be obstacles to them being used for waste management purposes.



The boroughs of Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton are preparing a joint planning document for waste, called the South London Waste Plan. Last year, we asked residents and other interested parties to comment on potential sites for future waste management facilities and draft policies to guide their development. During that consultation, an additional eight sites were put forward by respondents as being worthy of consideration. The eight sites have been assessed using the site screening process applied at the previous consultation stage. All of them scored relatively poorly when compared with the shortlist of 28 potential sites identified in the previous consultation. This indicates that a number of obstacles have been identified which would constrain their development for waste management purposes.

Why your views matter

The councils consider it important to consult all relevant stakeholders when preparing a Development Plan Document. Whilst the sites have scored relatively poorly against the assessment criteria, it is still important that we seek the views of residents and other interested parties to make sure that we have investigated all of the options. We are now inviting comments on these eight additional sites and their suitability for waste management purposes. Your views will help develop the final version of the South London Waste Plan.

What happens next

To accommodate this extra phase of consultation, the final version of the South London Waste Plan is now due to be published in the autumn of 2010. It will then be submitted to the Secretary of State for examination by an independent planning inspector.


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