Collingwood Road - 7.5 tonne Camera Enforcement

Closed 23 May 2023

Opened 24 Apr 2023


Complaints have been received from residents in Collingwood Road in respect of commercial HGVs using Collingwood Road as a cut through from the bypass to access Sutton town centre. Collingwood Road has a 7.5t MGW (Maximum Gross Weight) restriction as part of an area wide weight restriction as shown on the plan below.  According to the residents of Collingwood Road Commercial HGVs have been ignoring this weight restriction on a routine basis for some time. As a response to above concerns, it is suggested that the weight limit enforcement be carried out using CCTV system in order to identify HGVs contravening the weight restriction.

What is proposed?

  • It is proposed to have camera enforcement for the 7.5T weight restriction in Collingwood Road between the A217 and Bushey Road.
  • In order to be able to carry out the proposed camera enforcement effectively, it is necessary to provide some access/egress routes in and out of the existing area wide restriction so that drivers making legitimate journeys are not trapped into committing an offence.  In order to do this, it will be necessary to remove the existing 7.5 tonne weight restriction on section of Collingwood Road (between Bushey Road and Crown Road), Bushey Road, Bushey Lane, Crown Road, Rectory Road, Vicarage Road, Deans Road and The Green as shown on the plan below. Legitimate journeys by HGVs are already allowed on these roads within the current restrictions. Once the camera enforcement on Collingwood Road is implemented there is likely to be a reduction in the illegitimate journeys overall which should in turn result in a reduction of HGV's on these roads as well
  • Gander Green Lane is not included in the existing Traffic Management Order for area wide 7.5 tonne weight restriction. Therefore, in order to counter dispersal of HGV's, it is proposed to extend the 7.5 tonne weight restriction on Gander Green Lane (between Cheam Road (A232) and Oldfield’s Road (A217) to form part of the amended area wide 7.5 tonne weight restriction.

Objective of the scheme

  • To prevent illegitimate use of Collingwood Road by HGV's to access Sutton Town Centre.
  • To help reduce noise levels, vibration and nuisance.
  • To encourage better routing by hauliers.
  • To reduce the likelihood of danger to pedestrians.

Traffic Surveys

Traffic surveys have been carried out in response to concerns raised by residents of Collingwood regarding the no-compliance of 7.5 tonne weight restriction. The total average daily flow counted in Collingwood travelling towards Sutton was 4550 vehicles, 23 of which were HGVs. The total average daily flow heading towards the A217 was 3841 vehicles, 16 of which were HGVs. The traffic survey provided the total average daily flow of HGVs which included both legitimate and illegitimate journeys.

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Why your views matter

This is an informal consultation, we would like your feedback on the proposed measures by 23/05/2023. While it will not be possible to reply to you individually, all comments will be taken into account. At the end of this consultation period, officers will consider all responses received and a summary of the responses will be presented to the local ward councillors. If the decision is to implement the scheme, you will be notified before commencement.

Your feedback is essential to this consultation as it will enable us to continue to improve the scheme before we start detailed design process.

For more information on how Sutton processes your personal information please visit our Privacy Notice (opens in a new window). Any comments you make may be made public on the Council's website however we will remove any personally identifiable information.




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