Wordsworth Road/Lavender Vale - Proposed No Entry Plug

Closed 25 May 2019

Opened 2 May 2019


The London borough of Sutton has secured funding from Transport for London (TfL) for the year 2019/20 to address concerns about traffic and road safety in Foresters Drive between Sandy Lane South and Mollison Drive. We are intending to introduce various measures to improve road safety along the entire Foresters Drive, the first of which we are proposing below.

Site observations have indicated that traffic exiting Wordsworth Road at its junction with Foresters Drive obstruct movements of traffic on Sandy Lane South and Foresters Drive exacerbating the queuing problem at the junction and causing further delay, particularly during peak hours. Five personal injury accidents were reported in the last three years at the junction of Foresters Drive and Sandy Lane South. One of which was serious accident. The accidents involved drivers failing to give way and overshooting the junction.

Why your views matter

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