Sutton Town Centre Conservation Area Character Appraisal & Management Plan Consultation

Closed 21 Jul 2019

Opened 28 May 2019


The council wants your opinions on an updated Sutton Town Centre Conservation Area  Character Appraisal with a new Management Plan to ensure only development of the very highest quality takes place in the town centre.

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In May 2011, the Council designated the Sutton Town Centre High Street Crossroads Conservation Area (“Crossroads Conservation Area”) and produced a character appraisal setting out how the area was notable in heritage terms.

In April 2017, the Sutton Town Centre Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) partnership was launched. It involves Historic England (the national heritage body), the London Borough of Sutton, the Successful Sutton Business Improvement District and the Carshalton and District History and Archaeological Society working together over a three-year period (2017-20) to deliver a series of projects that will promote local heritage, which in turn will support economic growth across the town centre.

One of these projects was a review of the Crossroads Conservation Area. The new draft document proposes to revise the conservation area boundaries to include more of the special features of Sutton Town Centre’s heritage, as identified in the Historic Area Assessment, another HAZ project.

This new document also provides a management plan to highlight where improvements can be made, where retaining heritage assets intact is a priority, or where change may be permissible if heritage assets can be incorporated within new development. The management plan also deals with such issues as how to protect the Victorian upper floors of the High Street, how to improve the shopfronts and how buildings should be altered or extended while still preserving their historic features.

The guidelines and references in the new document will be a key consideration for all future planning applications within the Conservation Area and so we want to know what you think.

How you can help

  • Read the Character Appraisal to check we’ve got our history and facts correct.

  • Consider what you like and don’t like about Sutton.

  • Read the Management Plan to check:

    • We are protecting what you like.

    • We are trying to improve what you don’t like.



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  • Carshalton South And Clockhouse
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  • Anyone from any background


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