Sutton Town Centre Public Realm Design Guide

Closed 27 Oct 2019

Opened 12 Sep 2019

Feedback updated 4 Dec 2020

We asked

We asked for your views on the Draft Sutton Town Centre Public Realm Design Guide, in particular whether you agreed with the suggested place-based and town centre-wide projects

You said

You supported the objectives for the public realm in Sutton Town Centre, and gave specific feedback on a range of issues including amendments to address the needs of visually impaired residents or visitors to Sutton and to support sustainable transport. In total 69 comments from 13 representors were recieved during consultation. Details can be found here. 



We did

Your feedback informed the final Sutton Town Centre Public Realm Design Guide which was agreed at committee on 7 January 2020. The document is now a material planning considerations and can be used to help determine planning applications. The document has been identified by the Royal Town Planning Institute as a good practice case study.


The London Borough of Sutton is consulting on its Draft Sutton Town Centre Public Realm Design Guide and would welcome your views on the draft document. In particular, we would like to hear from you on the place-based projects (Chapter 3) and the town centre-wide projects (Chapter 4).

The draft Guide sets out projects and guidelines to improve the streetscene within Sutton Town Centre. It has been produced to take advantage of the opportunity for improvement that is occurring as a result of the redevelopment of sites in the Town Centre, and the introduction of Sutton Link (tram).

The changes to the public realm are expected to be gradual and take place over the next 15 years.

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Where else can I find the document?

The document is also available online at:

If you prefer to read a paper version, documents are also available at your local library and the council offices at 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton SM5 2JG.

How do I respond?

You can respond by email to

Are there any consultation events?

There are none organised. However, if you would like an officer to attend one of your organisation’s regular meetings or if you have any questions, please contact

Why your views matter

The document is particularly aimed at developers, the Mayor of London and Transport for London to ensure their streetworks are complementary in terms of design and use of materials, but the council wants to make sure that residents and local businesses, particularly those in Sutton Town Centre, have their say too.

What happens next

After the consultation closes, officers will collate and consider all the representations received and make appropriate changes to the draft document. The amended document will then go to the council’s Housing, Economy and Business Committee, provisionally on 10 December 2019, for formal adoption by the council as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The document will then be used when deciding relevant planning applications.

All representations on the draft document will be published on the council's website.



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