Neighbourhood Fund 2023

Closes 15 Oct 2023

Opened 14 Aug 2023


What is the Neighbourhood Fund?

When developers create new housing, flats or retail space in Sutton they pay a levy to the Council. This money is to improve infrastructure within the borough, with a portion of this used specifically to improve local areas in consultation with residents, in Sutton we call this the Neighbourhood Fund. Neighbourhood Fund Projects should help address the demands which development can place on local areas.

This funding is not to be confused with Section 106 obligations which also come from new developments and are much more prescriptive in their use.

What can we spend the Neighbourhood Fund on?

Projects might include:

  • The renovation of a community centre
  • Planting of street trees
  • Installation of new play equipment

Projects must involve improving infrastructure which benefits the local community. 

Projects should also support Ambitious for Sutton priorities: Being Active, Making Informed Choices, Living Well Independently and Keeping People Safe.

What can’t we spend the Neighbourhood Fund on?

As the fund is to address the demands of development this places a restriction on how we can spend it. Unfortunately, we will not be allocating funding to community programmes or events (e.g. homework clubs, fitness events, etc.).

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