Street Trading Consultation

Closes 26 Jan 2020

Opened 1 Dec 2019


Sutton Council are  reviewing the street trading policy which applies to  trading on or near the street. The review looks to establish a new process for managing what traders are selling, reviewing the conditions that apply to trading licences and consider the areas within which trading is permitted in the centre of Sutton. 

When street trading is managed well, it adds variety and vibrancy to the local area, as well as creating jobs and allowing entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their businesses. The increase in the number of people visiting the area also has a positive impact on nearby shops.

The council oversees street trading to ensure that the public are kept safe and that traders don’t cause a disturbance, obstruct walkways and lines of sight at road junctions or the ability of other businesses to trade. 


Why We Are Consulting

The Council is seeking to introduce a list of restricted goods and services that will not normally be permitted to be sold from street trading pitches because they are considered unsuitable, dangerous and/or subject to additional licensing regimes. This has been raised following concerns being expressed by residents and councilors in light of a London wide increase in violent incidents. 

Street trading, particularly in our town centres, has been in decline for a number of years, where in other parts of London it has been growing. We are taking the opportunity to seek your views on a range of other areas of control and regulation of street trading in order to inform the development of future policy and in order to encourage a wider range of street trading in the Borough. 


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