Frederick Road & Alberta Avenue - Proposed Traffic Calming Measures

Closed 7 Oct 2018

Opened 17 Sep 2018


The London Borough of Sutton has secured Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding from Transport for London (TfL) to address the concerns raised by local residents regarding traffic speeds and use of Frederick Road and Alberta Avenue as a cut through.

Whilst there is not a trend of personal injury accidents along these roads in the last 5 years, residents have reported some damage only accidents from time to time. Traffic counts surveys have also been undertaken recently which do not provide much evidence of Frederick Road and Alberta Avenue being used as a cut through between Gander Green Lane and A217. Speed data also indicates that majority of the traffic is within the existing speed limit of 30mph.

However, site observations have indicated there may be some visibility issues near side roads and bends mainly due to parked vehicles, and therefore driving at the posted speed can be regarded unsafe.

With above in mind, it is proposed to introduce traffic calming measures in the form of a series of raised speed cushions at regular intervals combined with a width restriction near the A217 end of Alberta Avenue.

Why we are consulting

We have proposed a number of traffic calming measures and would like your opinion and feedback on these proposals. We would greatly appreciate if you could complete the online consultation below.


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