Draft Air Quality Action Plan Consultation

Closed 6 Feb 2019

Opened 6 Dec 2018


The London Borough of Sutton accepts that poor air quality in the borough is a major cause for concern for our residents. The Council is committed to continuing to reduce levels of pollutants in order to protect public health in the borough.

We produced an Air Quality Action Plan in 2013 and since this time we have  successfully implemented a number of initiatives to improve air quality. We have now reviewed the action plan and updated the measures to ensure that they continue to be relevant.

Why your views matter

The new Air Quality Action Plan has been drafted and we are seeking your views to help shape and inform the action plan so that we can create a plan that is well-supported. The Action Plan outlines key areas of policy and proposes a number of actions we can take as an authority to reduce poor air quality. The key areas include:

  • Cleaner Transport
  • Delivery Servicing and Freight
  • Borough Fleet Actions
  • Emissions from Developments and Buildings
  • Public Health and Awareness Raising
  • Localised Solutions
  • Monitoring and Other Core Statutory Duties

You can read the new Air Quality Action Plan before taking part in this survey. It will only be through the support of the community and everyone playing their part that we can secure real improvements in air quality and protect people’s health for the future.

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Through participating in this consultation we will be publishing your responses. Your responses will remain confidential and we will not attribute responses to you personally, unless you self identify or include information about yourself in your response.


  • Belmont
  • Carshalton Central
  • Cheam
  • Stonecot
  • Sutton Central
  • Sutton North
  • Sutton South
  • The Wrythe
  • Wallington North
  • Wallington South


  • Voluntary groups / organisations
  • All residents
  • Expert stakeholders


  • Well-being
  • Environment
  • Environmental health