Consolidation of Smoke Control Orders

Closed 26 Jan 2023

Opened 1 Dec 2022


Poor air quality is one of the biggest health and environmental issues faced by borough residents, workers and visitors. It has huge impacts on health and the Council is taking action to tackle it through its Air Quality Action Plan and related strategies.

Solid fuel burning is considered a particularly harmful pollutant with regard to human health. Burning solid fuels such as wood, peat and coal produces tiny particles - known as particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) - which are able to travel deep into the respiratory tract and can cause or affect numerous health conditions.

Whilst many parts of the borough are covered by a Smoke Control Order, which restricts what can be burnt in domestic fireplaces, our Air Quality Action Plans sets out our intention to consolidate our Smoke Control Orders in order to simplify, clarify and regularise the control of smoke emissions in the Borough. This consultation seeks your views on revoking all the existing Smoke Control Orders and replacing them with a new single Order declaring the whole of the Borough a smoke control area. 

Once defined as a smoke control area, restrictions then apply to all premises within that area to prevent smoke being emitted from domestic appliances or fuels unless the burning is exempt through the use of authorised appliances or fuels. The current orders were approved between the 1950’s and 1980’s and cover the majority of the Borough. However there are small pockets which are not covered by an order due to boundary changes or redevelopment of areas since the original orders were introduced. Bringing all of the borough under one smoke control order will allow us to continue to reduce emissions from domestic fuel burning and reduce the health impacts on residents.


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