Community Safety Survey

Closes 31 Jan 2020

Opened 18 Dec 2019


The purpose of this survey is to ask residents their views about community safety issues such as crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour amongst other local issues, to help identify priorities across Sutton.

Why We Are Consulting

Sutton Council and the Metropolitan Police in Sutton work closely together in a unique partnership to improve community safety in the borough. Both Council and Police carry out regular research and engagement with residents and communities to find out about local issues and concerns.

It is our objective to work with residents and partner organisations to provide exceptional community safety services and to make Sutton the safest borough where residents can enjoy the best quality of life in London.

This community safety survey is being carried out across Sutton to inform our Community Safety Strategy and the purpose is to find out what issues residents consider to be their highest priority at present. Feedback from this survey will be looked at in conjunction with the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) priorities for Sutton and locally reported crime across the Borough priorities identified by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime.  Priorities will then be set accordingly.    

Give Us Your Views


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  • Crime and community safety