Saturday Project

Closed 15 Jul 2011

Opened 1 Jun 2011


Sutton Council regularly consults with local residents, partners and other stakeholders. This enables customers and other interested parties to have opportunities to be involved in planning, prioritising and monitoring of services.

Sutton Council is committed to asking local people and service users for their views and opinions on particular services in order to  diagnose problems, assess service standards and check performance.  These views can then be used to inform the decisions regarding the service.

Why your views matter

We want to investigate the views of those who use the Saturday projects with a view to re-shaping the service so that it better suits the needs.

We would also use the results of the consultation as a tool to attract future funding as the current funding arrangements are not secure.


  • Belmont
  • Carshalton Central
  • Cheam
  • Stonecot
  • Sutton Central
  • Sutton North
  • Sutton South
  • The Wrythe
  • Wallington North
  • Wallington South


  • Parents, carers and guardians


  • Children and young people
  • Resident satisfaction
  • Disability