Primary School Expansion Programme: Options for the possible expansion of Primary Schools from September 2013

Closed 14 May 2012

Opened 19 Mar 2012

Feedback expected 18 Jun 2012


There has been a marked upturn in the numbers of children born in the borough and we have already had to increase capacity during the last three years to meet the additional demand for places at reception year (YR). This increased demand is projected to continue in to 2013 and probably beyond.  The Local Authority has a core duty to ensure there are sufficient places to meet the needs of its children and families and therefore it is obliged to plan for the expansion of its school capacity.

Why your views matter

We have to increase the number of primary school places to meet additional demand. We set out specific proposals for school expansions in the consultation document. These places should come into operation for September 2013. We believe that the proposals should ensure that every Sutton child requiring a school place will get one, however, there may be issues that we have missed or given insufficient weight to. We want to hear your views as to how best we might develop the additional capacity required.

The Council is therefore consulting on expanding five schools;

Amy Johnson Primary School

Avenue Primary School

St Mary’s Infant and Junior School

Dorchester Primary School


For the proposed development at the former Stanley Park High School site, where there will be an additional 120 places at YR per year, the Governing Body at Bandon Hill Primary has agreed to explore the possible development of a dual site along with the Council.


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