New Executive Arrangements

Closed 30 Oct 2009

Opened 1 Oct 2009


Recent changes to legislation means that the Council has to change the way it is run. Every year the Council elects, from amongst the councillors, one councillor to act as Leader of Council. The Council also appoints seven other councillors who, with the Leader, form the Executive. This consultation is about the proposed changes to the current arrangements.

Why your views matter

We are consulting because there are two options, one of which must be implemented by the end of 2009. Our preferred option is Option 1 (explained in detail in the attached document), but we would like to hear what you think.

What happens next

The Council is required to adopt either option 1 or option 2 by the end of 2009. The new arrangements will be implemented following the local elections in May 2010.


  • Belmont
  • Carshalton Central
  • Cheam
  • Stonecot
  • Sutton Central
  • Sutton North
  • Sutton South
  • The Wrythe
  • Wallington North
  • Wallington South


  • Anyone from any background


  • Democracy and participation