Fostering in the London Borough of Sutton

Closed 12 Jun 2017

Opened 9 May 2017


Foster carers provide a home for children and young people who are in the care of Sutton Council. A child or young person may need a Foster Carer when their birth parents aren’t able to look after them or because there’s been a family crisis.

According to The Fostering Network, the UK’s leading fostering charity, over 7,000 more people with the right skills and experience are needed to offer loving, stable and secure homes to children and young people across the UK

Sutton Council is currently recruiting for new Foster Carers that will be able to provide a caring and loving home for our children and young people.

Why We Are Consulting

The London Borough of Sutton is undertaking this questionnaire to identify the awareness of fostering and to provide a greater insight into how we can reach more potential Foster Carers. 

For this questionnaire we are also interested to hear from people that are not interested or have limited awareness of fostering, as well as though that are aware or are already existing Foster Carers. 

This questionnaire should only take 5 minutes to complete. 


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