Proposed closure of Oakleigh Care Home

Closed 17 Jan 2011

Opened 11 Oct 2010


As a result of the severe public sector cuts caused by the recession, Sutton is making plans to save a minimum of 20% of its budget through reviewing all of its services. A review of all directly provided care services is underway, which includes Oakleigh Care Centre. Oakleigh is the Council's only remaining long term residential care service for people with dementia which also provides respite care for up to five people living in the community, and hosts a day care service which is provided by Housing 21/Dementia Voice. A residential care place at Oakleigh costs over £1,000 per week, compared to an average of £588 paid in the independent sector.

Why your views matter

This is a statutory consultation and we would like to hear your views on the proposals. Individuals or organisations who wish to take part in the consultation should provide us with their written responses by 17th January 2011

What happens next

Having looked at different options, the Council believes that the most viable option is to close the home, and transfer the current residents to alternative homes of their choice. Should the home be closed, the day service would be moved to alternatives premises, and respite care would be commissioned from an independent sector provider.


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