Blue Badges

Closed 8 Jun 2012

Opened 9 May 2012



The Blue Badge scheme is a national parking concession scheme, enabling people with severe mobility problems to park close to where they need to go. A Blue Badge is issued for 3 years, to people who meet the eligibility criteria, and can be used across the UK.   


This is a national scheme, with the government setting the operational arrangements, and Sutton Council responsible for administering the scheme to its residents.


Over the last year, the Government has introduced a number of changes to the national Blue Badge scheme including


·         Online application process  making it easier for people to access a Blue Badge

·         A new mobility assessment requirement, making the application of eligibility criteria fairer and more consistent, and

·         A new badge format to prevent and reduce fraudulent application, use and abuse of the system, so that the scarce resource is available to those who need it most.



Fraud prevention measures include three key elements

·         Automated checks that can be made at the application stage to prevent fraudulent applications

·         Use of sophisticated anti fraud technologies and more security in the supply, storage and distribution of the badge

·         Quick and easy enforcement checks by officers anywhere in the country on badges issued by any local authority



The Blue Badge fee

The government also reviewed the fee that a Council can charge for a Blue Badge – it had been set 30 years ago and not changed since - to help Councils with new and rising costs of administering the scheme. In Sutton, the scheme costs £64,500 each year to run.

The government has raised the maximum fee that can be charged for a badge to £10. Over the three years that a badge is valid for, equivalent to a cost of 0.9p per day.

A survey by Transport for London has indicated that in London, over a three year period, a person with a Blue Badge on average saves about £300 on parking costs.  A survey of 15 London Authorities showed that all but 2 authorities charge a £10 fee.   

Why your views matter


Consultation Proposal

We propose, in light of government changes, that from 1st October 2012, a fee of £10 is introduced for a Blue Badge, payable when the badge is issued, and for renewals or if the badge is lost or damaged and requires replacement.  This will be a one off charge for the period for which the badge is valid, usually three years. 

We are now holding a public consultation so that Blue Badge holders, disability organisations and membersof the public can have a say about the proposed fee increase.

This consultation will run from 9th May 2012 until 8th June 2012. The Council will then consider the findings of this consultation and make a decision on the way forward. 


Further information about the reform of the Blue Badge scheme can be found on the Department for Transport website or on the Northgate website at


If you have a query about Blue Badges please contact Concessionary Fares Team,

Tel:  020 8770 5070; or by email:


Thank you for your interest, your views are important.


Julia Penfound

Executive Head of Service Promoting Independence and Prevention Services  


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