Adult Social Services Prevention Prospectus

Closed 12 Aug 2011

Opened 17 Jun 2011


The London Borough of Sutton is intending to purchase new prevention services to support vulnerable adults in Sutton to remain living independently.

The 'Outcome Prospectus for Prevention' details what Sutton is looking to achieve as well as the outcomes the new services are expected to deliver.

Why your views matter

This consultation is to ensure the 'Outcome Prospectus for Prevention' criteria clearly sets out what London Borough of Sutton is aiming to achieve and the evaluation criteria provides a robust and transparent approach for award of contracts.

We would like general feedback on the 'Outcome Prospectus for Prevention' and evaluation criteria as well as answers to the following specific questions:

1) Do the 7 outcomes reflect the aims of the prevention prospectus? If not how would you amend?

2) Is there any additional information required from the 'Outcome Prospectus for Prevention' for organisations to submit service proposals?

3) Do the evaluation criteria reflect the outcomes detailed in the 'Outcome Prospectus for Prevention'? If not how would you amend?


  • Belmont
  • Carshalton Central
  • Cheam
  • Stonecot
  • Sutton Central
  • Sutton North
  • Sutton South
  • The Wrythe
  • Wallington North
  • Wallington South


  • Anyone from any background


  • Carers support
  • Social services and social care