Roundshaw Open Space Motorcycle Barriers

Closed 16 Mar 2022

Opened 2 Mar 2022


We are considering installing motorbike deterrents on Roundshaw Open Space to help tackle ongoing anti-social behaviour and health and safety issues. These deterrents may include inhibitor gates, bollards and fencing.

Roundshaw Downs and Open Space is in both Sutton and Croydon boroughs and has many entry points.  We are aware that many motorbikes access the Downs via the Croydon entry points and that installing inhibitors on the Sutton side of the Downs may not fully resolve the issue of motorbikes using the open space. However, we have requested that our counterparts at Croydon Council also take measures to prevent motorbike access on their entrance points as part of our commitment to improving the situation for local residents. 


  • Beddington
  • South Beddington & Roundshaw


  • People with disabilities


  • Older people's issues